Social reading inside a book

Do social reading and social highlighting have potential for teaching close reading and reading resilience in the tertiary environment? The relationship between reading and digital environments is complicated by numerous strong opinions on the impact of digital cultures on longform reading, attention, and the future of literature. But what opportunities do ebooks provide for taking a class through one or several readings of a text by demonstrating reading responses in the moment of reading rather than in a physical classroom environment. What opportunities for new engagements with reading are provided by online environments?

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About Tully

I am a Research Fellow in the School of Humanities at Flinders University. My research looks at digital literatures and digitized literatures including e-reading and the Google Books archive, and at e-reading and the cultures of e-reading arising around them. I also research in the field of cultural value and the politics and practices of cultural measurement. This latter project uses both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and requires an engagement with data both Big and small, including visualisation tools and data curation, which I am only just starting to learn about.
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