Should we/can we resist Big Box Edumacation?

Subway car by Erik Calonius on Wikimedia Commons

Is anyone noticing the return to 1996 Learning Objects thinking, and the resurfacing or Learning Management (Systems)? Pearsons, itunesU, API, OUA, xMOOCs … they all seem to be taking us back to the 90s with ideas of prefabricated multimedia textbooks complete with facilitator guides and passwords to teach through. Add in learning analytics and we have what I think is challenging  future in education.  Let’s see if we can imagine another way.

I’m an educational developer who’s been working in the tertiary sector of Australia and Zealand since 2001. I’m an outspoken radical (as easy as it is to be that in this conservative sector) looking for a smack-down or deliberation on an imagined problem. More practically, I’m wondering about the idea of resonance, and its relation to organisational change and direction… anyone in?

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Leigh lives up Mount Dandenong, Australia with his beautiful wife Sunshine, their daughters Eve and Maya, and their dog Lego. Leigh enjoys outdoor recreation with a passion for back country telemark skiing, and fond memories of kayaking, rock climbing and cycle touring. He also enjoys tinkering with permaculture design and ideas for post industrial living. Leigh’s professional interest is in educational development, focused on open and networked learning and research. Leigh currently works with the Faculty of Health Science at La Trobe University. Leigh dreams of life on a small block of land by a river under a mountain, free them from wage slavery, being an artist, growing vegies, running goats, and raising babies. In the meantime, slave on...
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  1. mattcen says:

    Really enjoyed this discussion yesterday, Leigh. It was a side of openness in education that I hadn’t really thought about before!

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