Post ThatCamp link round up

During all sessions yesterday there were links referred to that some people (me!) didn’t get down or that were promised.

Here are a number that I recall from the sessions I was in:

Someone was asking about Privacy and Scott Ludlum, and I told them about a Privacy workshop happening next week that he will be at along with a number of others in the field, including Angela Davy, Asher Wolf and Leanne O’Donnell.

Also, for Fiona’s ipython/NLTK notes, there is an excellent intro to Python text written by a high school teacher for his students, called “How to think like a computer scientist“. It’s free to download, but you can buy the dead tree if you want.

In relation to Digital Archives and death, I noted this float past on my twits overnight which I thought others might be interested in

And for the ICT in schools/Education presentation, we were talking about MinecraftEDU for teachers and Kano for the young kids, and Matt’s curriculum is on github as part of CSIRO’s scientists in schools program.

Also, this was mentioned during Fiona’s NLTK talk: Rappers, sorted by size of vocabulary

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