From doing stuff with digital collections to doing digital stuff with collections

The GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) are spending a lot of time digitising collections and making digital material available online. But while more and more people are accessing these collections, they are not necessarily creating interesting digital outputs from those collections. Students in universities are using online material more and more (some never, or rarely, setting foot in physical libraries and archives) but their ‘research outputs’ still tend toward essays and articles – the print paradigm – rather than creative, scholarly digital outputs. More broadly, communities search, post, tweet and pin digital collections; but how much do they mix, mash, re-use and remix?

I propose a discussion session exploring some of these issues in more detail. Some questions we can consider:

  • do you agree with the paragraph above?
  • how can we better support teaching and learning activities so the outputs are truly digital, rather than just digital versions of prior (paper based) activity?
  • are online collections presented and disseminated in a way which supports/encourages this sort of work?
  • if not, what needs to be done to better support this work?
  • what about more focus on digital interactions with physical collections, rather than ‘traditional’ interactions with digital collections?

Overall, what can we do to move away from people doing basic stuff with digital collections, to people doing interesting digital stuff with all sorts of collections?

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About mikejonesmelb

I am a Senior Research Archivist at the University of Melbourne's eScholarship Research Centre, working on archival projects, digital public knowledge spaces and the use of informatic systems to help support governments, arts and community organisations and knowledge institutions.
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  1. Hey great proposal. Some key ideas here.

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