Map your data with CartoDB (workshop)

Does your data need a map?

I’ll be running a 2.5 hour workshop on CartoDB, a free (ish) online web mapping program that makes it easy to turn a spreadsheet of data into a sexy online, bloggable, embeddable map-based visualisation like this:

Constitutional law around the world

It’s a well-honed workshop we’ve been running over the last 18 months or so, aimed particularly at researchers in the humanities and social sciences. By the end of the workshop you’ll know how to import different kinds of data, geocode data where necessary, create 6 kinds of visualisations, and have a taste of how to take your visualisation to the next level with custom CSS and SQL. It’s all very hands-on, driven by a series of short challenges like “make your visualisation look like this”. The slides are all available online, so you can skip ahead or go back, to match your own learning pace.

Bring your laptop!

Steve Bennett has extensive experience providing tools and training to researchers in both government and academia. Prior to joining the University of Melbourne’s ITS Research Services team, he led data management projects at VeRSI (now V3 Alliance), working with researchers from a wide range of disciplines. An open data enthusiast, Steve has contributed extensively to projects such as Open Street Map and Wikipedia and he is the driving force behind Melbourne’s DataHack meetup group. He has run mapping workshops for The University of Melbourne and Deakin University and his mapping projects have featured on the ABC and The Age. Steve believes that everyone needs maps.

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Open data and mapping enthusiast helping researchers with technology at the University of Melbourne.
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